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Are you guilty of buying aromatic incense in single pieces, only to regret it later on because you then have to beat the rush to get more potpourri from your trusted dealer?

Stop this madness!

Why subject yourself to the uncertainty of getting your favorite aromatic herb every time you run out of stocks, when you can get your favorite quality potpourri from Incense Supreme on a wholesale basis?

Incense Supreme is a reputable dealer of high-grade and high-quality aromatic potpourris. While we have your favorite aromatic incense in our catalogues regularly, we could not however guarantee the availability of the specific blends you want to purchase at any time. Most of our products are highly in demand and our customers want more than their fair share of aromatic blends most of the time.

Why buy potpourri on wholesale?

While we sell our aromatic incense at very affordable prices, we admit that you can get your potpourris cheaper when bought wholesale. Incense Supreme offers very attractive wholesale package prices for customers who want to get their aromatic blends in bulk. We offer such generous discounts you will be able to buy more for less.

More than the discounted price you get from our wholesale blends, buying in bulk will also save you the time and the effort needed to repurchase the products. Can you imagine the frustration of having to get online, place your order and wait for the delivery of your favorite aromatic incense just when you needed them most?

Why stress yourself out waiting for your next aromatic incense to arrive when you can get them wholesale at very affordable prices? At Incense Supreme, when you buy more, you save more!

Choose from our wholesale list of highly in-demand and top-selling herbal incense and be assured of quality incense for a very long time. Depending on the number of your order, you can save more compared to the retail value.

Incense Supreme’s wholesale herbal incense prices are available not only for our individual customers who just want to ensure a steady supply of their favorite incense. This offer is also available for retail shop owners who want to purchase herbal incense in bulk.

If this is your first time to try our aromatic incense, then purchase any of our aromatic blends in packs. But if you are among those who have patronized our herbal incense products for years and who want to save up and keep them in stock, then we recommend our wholesale offer.

Get in touch with us by phone or email if you want to avail of our wholesale aromatic incense. Our staff will be more than glad to assist you and will ensure that you get the best offer and quality incense from Incense Supreme. Beat the rush! Send us an e-mail at support@incensesupreme.com