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The White Tiger is one of the rarest variant species of the Tiger. The White Tiger is extremely exquisite and scare; it is just on the verge of extinction. It is found very rarely from within the deeps of the jungles of Serbia and Bengal. The White Tiger posses all the features of a common Tiger including swiftness, speed, size and a great hunting maneuverability vision, with an extraordinary addition of enhanced beauty and charm.

The product as a result is perfectly rich and effectively powerful to relive the marvel of the ‘Snow Tiger’ and thus attributable superiorly to be entitled as White Tiger Incense.  The fragrance that White Tiger Incense features is immensely strong, potent and spicy. It delivers a big punch that greatly sharpens the receptiveness of the senses and enhances the vision. It intensifies the motivation by unleashing the mind to perceive and visualize beyond.  White Tiger Incense is rich and deep. That is the reason why we include White Tiger Incense into the category of some of the finest and potent blends of Incenses we feature here, as the XT (eXTremely powerful). White Tiger Incense is fully equipped to deliver a magnificent punch that boosts excitement, energy and vitality to a completely new level when ever and where ever you want!

White Tiger Incense is developed under high and uncompromised standards of quality so despite of its size it still lasts longer, packs the intensity to cover up the entire room and leaves a lush and delightfully refreshing aroma even for long after it has been used. White tiger is available in a bundle of 3 grams. Ready to enlighten the great white predator inside of you?

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