Legal Notice

We at Incense Supreme abide by our federal and state regulations and we expect the same from our customers. As a caveat to all who purchase any of our herbal incense products in retail or wholesale, all these products are only intended for the consumption of consumers 18 years old and above. All our products are not sold and not to be resold to persons below legal age in accordance with law.

All our herbal incense products are legal within our state rules so customers have to check if our products are compliant and compatible with their specific state laws. To reiterate, Incense Supreme only ship its products to states where they are legally acceptable. It is your responsbility to check with your cities regulations.

All our herbal incense products have been certified by a reputable laboratory. But while they do not contain any ingredient prohibited by law, these products are not for human consumption and should only be used as indicated, primarily as an aromatic potpourri. Incense Supreme and the manufacturers of these products should not be held liable for the improper and incorrect use of any of our herbal incense products.

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