iBlown Incense (4&15G)

iBlown Incense (4&15G)

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iBlown Incense can blow off your mind that comes in 4 variants. As the iPhone it has supreme quality and precision with a sweet and mind-boggling fragrance.

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The iBlown incense has been made to simply blow off your mind. It comes in 4 variants:

1. iBlown Blueberry
2. iBlown Strawberry
3. iBlown Watermelon
4. iBlown Blueberry

From the names itself you must have understood what the fragrances are all about. The iBlown incense series comes with the promise of supreme quality and precision. Precision comes from the precise blend of herbal ingredients that our experts have made to create this incense. The sweet, mind boggling fragrance of blueberries, strawberries and watermelons will not only fill up your room but also your senses. Fruits always have a method of bringing in natural freshness with their great aroma, which is subtle but you cannot ignore that aroma.

Apart from the iBlown incense, all the other incenses come in 15 grams packs. The blueberry incense comes in 4 gram pack. The packaging of this aromatic incense is super cool.

iBlown Incense (4&15G).

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Lab Certified

This herbal incense is lab certified. All our herbal incense are 50-state legal. It does not contain nicotine, tobacco, AM-2201, JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-081, JWH-122, JWH-200, JWH-250, JWH-210, JWH-398, CP47, 497, HU-210, HU-211, AM-694, C6, C8, C9, Cannabicyclohezanol or any other prohibited ingredients.